Now to Choose a Home Builder


    Now to Choose a Home Builder

    Building a home can be a challenging and lengthy process. Knowing how to choose a home builder that will do the best job and make the experience as smooth as possible is key for a successful build.

    However, there are several factors to consider when deciding as to who will bring your vision to life. So, before you take the leap and hire a home builder to build your dream home, here’s what you should know.


    4 Things To Consider When Picking A Home Builder

    Check Their Portfolio

    When you have a prospective builder, the first thing that you need to do is investigate their portfolio and
    past work.

    A reputable builder will readily offer up a comprehensive portfolio for you to look through some of the work
    they have done for past clients. This will allow you to see what their quality of work is and whether they
    have done something similar to what you envision for your home.

    Of course, pictures may not always tell the whole story. To be extra certain, it is best to ask for references
    from past clients so that you can find out if they were happy with the work done by the builder in question.
    If it is a well-established builder, you will probably also be able to find reviews online. These can give you
    a good indication of whether past clients have been satisfied with their services or not.


    Determine Your Budget

    One of the most important considerations is how much you have available to spend on a home builder.
    When building a home, it’s vital to have a detailed plan of your budget. Determine the total amount you
    are willing to spend by either looking at your finances or consulting a financial broker who can give you a
    realistic amount.

    Once you have that total amount, you can start to enquire with home builders. Different service providers
    will offer varying rates, so you can narrow your options down to whose services fit within your budget.
    It is key to make your budget clear from the start. State whether you cannot go over your allocated budget
    or if you are willing to expand it during the process if need be. This prevents any surprise bills at the end.
    If you do have a set budget that cannot be pushed, keep a small chunk of it aside in case of emergencies
    and declare the remainder.

    It is important to build a good repertoire with the home builder you choose and demand transparency.
    Outline where exactly you want your money to go, but be open to their plans and suggestions, too. For
    instance, you may want to allocate 30% of the budget to bathrooms, but they may advise that the budget
    is better spent on the kitchen and bedrooms.

    Finally, be realistic. If you put forward a limited budget and demand a massive house, it is likely the
    builder will have to skimp on the quality of materials used, which will result in a poor structure. It’s best to
    ask for their honest advice on your vision versus your budget. You may have to downsize slightly to
    ensure better quality, but this is a wiser decision in the long run.


    What’s Your Timeframe?

    You may have a specific time frame in mind for a house, but this doesn’t mean that just any builder will be
    able to fit into this.

    Homebuilders will likely have other clients that they are working for simultaneously, and this might slow
    down the process. They may also have limited workers, which can also result in a timeframe that might
    not match up to yours.

    When shopping around for a builder, be upfront about any time limitations you might have. If you have put
    a current house on the market, for instance, you might have to be in your new house by a certain date.
    The builders need to know this so that they can let you know if they will be able to complete the house by
    that date before commencing any services.

    If you don’t have any time limitations, you will not be so limited with the builders you can use. Remember
    that it is a lengthy process, and things may go wrong that will need extra time to fix. As such, it’s important
    to be flexible during this process. However, even if you are not time-bound, you should establish a rough
    deadline to work towards.


    Do The Styles On Offer Match Your Taste?

    The final consideration to make when choosing a home builder is whether their styles of building match your taste and the vision you have for your new home.

    This reinforces the necessity of a portfolio as it will allow you to see what the builder has done in the past and whether it aligns with what you would like your home to look like. For example, if they have only built ultra-modern homes and you are looking to build a farm-style home, you might be inclined to look for a builder who has more experience with your chosen style.

    However, don’t rule out a builder if they haven’t necessarily built a home that is the same style that you like. If you find someone who is reputable, has good references and fits within your budget, you can make it work.

    A builder who has done various home styles well will likely be able to do just as well with your design if you communicate exactly what you envision for your new home.

    Styles may differ, but the foundations of a good, sturdy home and the ability to follow designs well will be achievable by any good home builder.


    Final Thoughts On How To Choose A Home Builder

    Finding a home builder who can seamlessly collaborate with you in your vision is a key part of creating your dream house.

    Establish a budget, align styles and timeframes, and check their portfolio and references to be sure that it is the right fit.

    For a reliable, reputable home builder contact New Homes WA to discuss your building needs and begin the journey towards your perfect home.


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